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Galaxy Nail Design Tutorial: NCLA Hollywood Stephanies Galaxy Nail Art ~ Nail Designs Inspiration

December 4th, 2013. Nail Designs, Galaxy Nail Design Tutorial.

It is very difficult to make galaxy nails designs, just takes a little longer but if you’re patient, the result will be worth it!
In three simple steps we will get them, so to start; these are the materials you need:

  • Enamel black or very dark blue or violet
  • Colors clearer: as celestial roses, violet light, etc.
  • A little girl sponge to create the nebula
  • A glaze that has glitter (glitter type)
  • Clear nail polish to cover nail

Step 1: Background apply color nebula predominant
Apply the dark shade, preferably blue or black. With the sponge to apply the first layer of light color (pale green was used) in thin layers and let dry. This serves as a starting point for the background of the nebula to create galaxy nails designs.

Step 2 : Create Nebula
Use the sponge to lightly apply a thin layer of bright color (chose pink) on the basis of the nebula. If too much polish on the sponge, use a paper wipe. Wait one or two minutes between each application so that colors can be dried. When another layer is placed on top of a color, the colors are again below activate and are easier to mix. Repeat with as many colors as you want.

Step 3: Add Shine and Transparent Glaze
Add stars applying one or two coats of a gloss glaze on top of the design. I suggest using a nail polish containing different highlights and sizes to give the illusion of dimension and distance. To ensure that the new manicure last, apply a top coat and voila!

The galaxy nails designs are complete. So, try at home by yourself! or check video tutorial here:

Cool Galaxy Nail Art DesignGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial: Cool Galaxy Nail Art Design ~ Nail Designs InspirationGalaxy Nebula Nails By BevyArtGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial: Galaxy Nebula Nails By BevyArt ~ Nail Designs Inspiration

Gallery of Galaxy Nail Design Tutorial

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Galaxy Nail Design Tutorial : NCLA Hollywood Stephanies Galaxy Nail ArtGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial : Cool Galaxy Nail Art DesignGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial : Galaxy Nebula Nails By BevyArtGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial : NYC Nail Enamel French White Tip Galaxy TutorialGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial : Nebula NailsDesignsGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial : NOTD Polka Polish Nebula NailsGalaxy Nail Design Tutorial : Galaxy Nail Art Design

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