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Khmer Nail Art: Khmer Nail Art From Australia ~ Nail Designs Inspiration

April 5th, 2015. Nail Designs, Khmer Nail Art.

Khmer people start to appreciate the nail art since long. since the introduction of the Internet sometime in early 2000,  the abundant of nail design become available at a finger tip. For this reasons, many designer starts to appreciate the modern and the difference in culture to make Cambodian own nail design.

Given the limited resource of photos online from Cambodian showing their blended nail design, instead I’d like the possible inspired nail arts for all to enjoy here.

Some sources I found online when researching for khmer nail designs:

  1. Nail Trail Australia
  2.  zazzle nail art
Nail Trail KhmerKhmer Nail Art: Nail Trail Khmer ~ Nail Designs InspirationNail Art From CambodiaKhmer Nail Art: Nail Art From Cambodia ~ Nail Designs Inspiration

Gallery of Khmer Nail Art

There are 7 high resolution images again to check, so do not miss to see Inspiring images all in Khmer Nail Art article galleries for your next inspiration by clicking the thumbnail below.

Khmer Nail Art : Khmer Nail Art From AustraliaKhmer Nail Art : Nail Trail KhmerKhmer Nail Art : Nail Art From CambodiaKhmer Nail Art : Angkor Nail ArtKhmer Nail Art : Khmer Nail Design Nail Trail From AustraliaKhmer Nail Art : Cambodian Sea NailKhmer Nail Art : Cambodian Flag Nail Art Design

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